Originally from the United States and based in the Netherlands since 2013, Maggie DeCesaris is an independent editor, proofreader, and translator with over a decade of experience. While her client base initially consisted mainly of university students and young professionals to help (re)write their master’s theses and CVs, since beginning Unlimited Editions in 2013, her client network has expanded to include academics, researchers, and practitioners from major companies and international law firms. Services provided include checking for proper grammar, page layout, sentence and paragraph structure, vocabulary, comprehensiveness of writing, and revising compositions for better flow and tailoring to the targeted audience of the original author. Take a look at the Services page for more details on what kind of projects Unlimited Editions can help you with.

If you’re ready to receive all of the help you need to improve your English writing to a flawless level, please contact Maggie to discuss your personal needs and corresponding rates.